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PO Box 65
Posen IL 60469
Fax: 708–720-2263


City of Chicago Licensed Mason
Contractor-Concrete and Brick

City of Chicago General Contractor

State of Illinois
Licensed Roofing Contractor Unlimited #104.015974, 105.003122

HVAC Technician Certification
EPA Clean Air
Section 608 # P253B1DD92BD7D310

EPA Certified Firm
Certification #NAT-93105-1

In A Business Like Ours,
Reputation Means Everything

A home or commercial property is among the biggest investments you’ll ever make. So when you choose someone to install or repair the biggest protectors of that investment—roofing and siding—extreme care is advised.

TQ Construction has the experience and know-how to get the job done right the first time. It’s both our mission and passion to be the very best roofing and siding contractor in Cook, DuPage and Will Counties.

And there are three other big reasons to consider us: we offer gutter installation, window replacement, concrete and masonry work as well. So when you’re ready for roofing, siding, gutters, windows, concrete or masonry one call covers all.

Here’s what we have to offer you:
  • Lots of experience installing roofing systems•, siding, gutters & windows
  • Many referrals from past clients in the area
  • Use of only first-rate, long-lasting material
  • Also expertise installing gutter guard systems, soffits and fascia

*A Roofing System is comprised of: roof sheathing (decking), underlayment, flashings, ventilation, proper water drainage, roofing material of your choice followed by detailing and trim.



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